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Top-Rated Virginia Corporate Law Attorney Serving Business and Entrepreneurs in Hampton Roads.

Owning and operating a business is complicated especially so in the current economic environment. It is crucial that your company has the right structure in place and access to all necessary resources to solve problems and overcome any obstacles. Let us help you put your business in the best position to grow and thrive.

At David Burley Law, our Hampton corporate law attorney has the skills and experience to help business owners and entrepreneurs with the full range of legal matters. With passion and diligence, we provide solutions-driven advocacy to our clients. If you have questions about corporate law, our team is here as a resource. Contact our Hampton office today for a fully confidential initial consultation with an experienced Virginia corporate lawyer.

We Provide Comprehensive Legal Services Throughout Your Company’s Lifecycle

In representing business owners and entrepreneurs, we are focused on providing collaborative, forward-thinking legal guidance and support. David can help you through the entire lifecycle of your company. Your business, your investment, and your personal financial interests matter to us. Regardless of business size or industry, advice and counsel from a corporate lawyer is important at every stage. David is prepared to assist and tackle essential legal tasks associated with:

Business Formation and Start up

You have multiple options for organizing your business, and the right fit will depend upon your unique circumstances. Many stakeholders choose to create a company that limits their own personal liability, so they are not responsible for debts and obligations of the organization. By filing the proper documents with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) of the Commonwealth of Virginia, you can form:

  • A Virginia stock or nonstock corporation;
  • A limited liability company (LLC);
  • General or limited partnership;
  • A professional corporation or LLC; and,
  • Many other types of entities.

Your choice of entity is an important one, as it can be difficult to make changes once operations are underway. Plus, formation of your company dictates the type of federal and state tax treatment. For instance, there are key differences between S and C corporations under the Internal Revenue Code.

Smooth and Efficient Ongoing Operations

After forming your corporation and opening for business, there are numerous opportunities in which a corporate lawyer can support your operations. We can assist with:

  • Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts with business partners and vendors;
  • Corporate governance, such as preparing shareholder agreements, bylaws, and articles of incorporation;
  • Investments, financing, and venture capital;
  • Insurance and risk management;
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and expansions; and,
  • Employment agreements.
Succession Planning and Winding Down

You will be faced with many legal issues when the time comes to close your business or end your involvement in it. As retirement approaches, you might want to consider options for succession planning, i.e., working to develop the future leaders that will move your company forward. For some business owners, this may involve training and cultivating existing employees – or family members.

Even if you will terminate corporate operations entirely, there are numerous tasks and legal requirements. David can help you navigate the winding down process to ensure closure and compliance with federal, state, and local law.

David Burley Law Will Help Guide Your Business Through the Unexpected

Despite best laid plans, any Virginia corporation can become embroiled in disputes, regulatory challenges, and other conflicts. These matters can disrupt company operations, harm your reputation, and impact your bottom line, but you level the playing field when you have a skilled corporate law attorney on your side. You also have an advantage when you have an ongoing relationship with a lawyer that knows your company well and does not need to get up to speed with conflict erupts.

Employment Law Matters

Various federal and state laws apply to the employee-employer relationship, including wage and hour issues, Virginia’s workers’ compensation system, and many others. In addition, you must understand the implications of federal civil rights laws, including those covering:

  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Hostile work environment and quid pro quo sexual harassment;
  • Wrongful termination;
  • Workplace retaliation; and,
  • Whistleblowers.
Disputes and Breach of Contract

While you strive to create solid contracts and develop strong relationships with business partners, disagreements are a reality that every corporation must face. Your company will either be in the position to enforce its contractual rights or defend them; in both scenarios, a corporate lawyer is an advantage for protecting your interests. Options for resolving disputes may include:

  • Negotiations and discussions to get things back on track with the other party;
  • Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that focuses on smoothing over disagreements through productive conversation with a trained mediator;
  • Arbitration, another type of ADR that typically involves a panel of individuals who hear both sides and issue a decision; or,
  • Litigation, which should be considered a last resort if other options have failed to resolve the conflict.
Regulatory Compliance

Every Virginia business entity is subject to rules, regulations, filing requirements, and other obligations as established by federal, state, and local governments. It can be challenged to stay on top of regulatory compliance, which puts your company at risk of fines or other penalties. A corporate lawyer can ensure you meet the requirements that apply to your company, so you can avoid business disruptions.

Contact Our Hampton, VA Corporate Law Attorney Today

At David Burley Law, our Virginia corporate lawyer has the skills and legal experience that you can count on. With experience handling a wide range of business and corporate law matters, we are more than ready to start working on your behalf. Let us help you find solutions. Contact our team today for a strictly confidential, no commitment consultation. From our Hampton office, we provide corporate law services throughout Hampton Roads.

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